Pricing Moov-IT packages 


Below you can find an overview of the services provided per package. For additional information about:

* The contents of this table, please check 'our services' webpages: Moov-IT tool and MoovAcademy. 
* The individual packages, please check 'our services' webpages

2017_10_29 Packages.png

* The startpack model was added based on the request of several smaller companies. We were able to lower the costs because of a shared serviced or 'crowdfunding' model. This is based on cost-sharing of efforts as the Corporate Wellness trainings are given in group and communication materials will be shared among different companies. 


Pricing per package

Below you can find the pricing per package including the cost per user and total cost for your company. The freemium package isn't included as this has no cost. 

2017_10_29 Pricing per package.png

Why Moov-IT?

  • Bundle your Corporate Wellness efforts in one central spot
  • Allow easy organization & communication
  • Create awareness around specific health topics in the right target audience
  • Experience long-term effects
  • Measure, report & improve