MoovAcademy - Corporate Wellness with results

Train your Corporate Wellness manager  to set up Corporate Wellness structure In Your Company


 Your goals

  • Reduce absenteeism in your company
  • Increase the happiness and health of your employees or colleagues.
  • Create or strengthen the connection between colleagues (and customers).
  • Address current challenges with creative solutions.

In short, bring lasting positive change both your company and the people within your company.


How do we do this?

We train your (internal or provide an external) corporate wellness manager via our online learning platform with live feedback and support

She or he learns, among other things:

  • How to make the business case to invest in effective Corporate Wellness
  • What a corporate wellness manager does and does not do.
  • What ambassadors are and how to find them in your company with the help of our tools
  • How to continue to inspire and challenge colleagues to grow and to create good habits.
  • How to calculate & report ROI easily and quickly with our tools
  • Numerous other practical and crucial knowledge to have a large and lasting positive impact in a short period of time


What does it cost and what is the return?

The online training with live feedback and support takes 12 months and costs 2000 euros per month (excl. VAT).

This includes 24 modules each with these parts:

  • Theoretical knowledge in the form of video and text.
  • Practical exercises to turn knowledge into experience
  • Live feedback and adjustment by our experts

In short, a one-time investment of 24.000 euro that repays itself on average within one year and a half.

  • The increased happiness and enthusiasm with employees translates into  happiness and greater efficiency and creativity with a direct and positive impact on sales.
  • More connectedness and happy employees also have one positive impact on the relationships with customers and suppliers and thus increase brand awareness and perception.

In short, very direct but also some indirect and extreme important and not to be underestimated benefits.


Get your Corporate Wellness Started now!

"Moov-IT has advised 10 of the biggest corporates in Belgium and has motivated  over 7500 employees. Our customers have saved more then 300.000 EUR. The Belgian government acknowledges and support Moov-IT’s innovative methodology and tools that create behavioral change"

We would love to become a strategic & creative partner for your company too! 


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Do you like clear reporting? 

  • Your corporate wellness manager will make sure everything is automated with the MoovTools
  • The MoovTools will give you clear reporting on what health initiatives are taken and give you clear results 

 Your results after 1 year: 

  • Buy-in management
  • Buy-in team leads
  • Buy-in 200 users
  • 200 users educated about burnout prevention
  • > 150 users will have done new initiatives to prevent burnout
  • > 20 ambassadors or change-leaders that create healthy cultures will be identified
  • All processes set-up (your management decides when & how corporate wellness is set up)
  • Reporting on all health initiatives  
  • Strategic recommendation 2019


Your guarantee:

  • We give a 10% money back guarantee if you do not attain the results set up in Module 2 "Project Goals" of the MoovAcademy training. 
  • You will choose your objective together with your consultant: less absenteeism, less staff turnover, keeping Millennials, employee happiness.) 


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