MoovAcademy - Corporate Wellness with results

Hire one of our consultants to set up Corporate Wellness structure In Your Company

Is absenteeism and turnover regularly top-of-mind?

  • How much is absenteeism costing you right now?
  • How much does it cost to recruit or replace a high potential employees?
  • What is the budget your company has for HR consulting and what is the return in numbers?

Do you not have a Corporate Wellness Manager in place?

  • Would you like one of our consultants to help you set up Corporate Wellness in your company? 
  • To create processes and reporting structures? 
  • To focus on preventing absenteeism in a LEAN approach, by doing stuff and getting things done?
  • Would you like in-house Corporate Wellness knowledge?


Then hire one of our consultants to set up a Corporate Wellness structure in your company!

  • Our consultants will do the project 1 time.
  • They'll complete the project for you in 48 days, setting up Corporate Wellness for 200 employees
  • After 1 year everything is set up for your internal corporate wellness manager to take over 

After one year, all your processes are set -up and someone internally is trained to take over and you are all set! 


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Do you like clear reporting? 

  • Our consultants will make sure everything is automated with the MoovTools
  • The MoovTools will give you clear reporting on what health initiatives are taken and give you clear results 

 Your results after 1 year: 

  • Buy-in management
  • Buy-in team leads
  • Buy-in 200 users
  • 200 users educated about burnout prevention
  • > 150 users will have done new initiatives to prevent burnout
  • > 20 ambassadors or change-leaders that create healthy cultures will be identified
  • All processes set-up (your management decides when & how corporate wellness is set up)
  • Reporting on all health initiatives  
  • Strategic recommendation 2019


Your guarantee:

  • We give a 10% money back guarantee if you do not attain the results set up in Module 2 "Project Goals" of the MoovAcademy training. 
  • You will choose your objective together with your consultant: less absenteeism, less staff turnover, keeping Millennials, employee happiness.) 


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