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What is Corporate Wellness?

In an ideal world, every day you are full of energy at work.  You connect with great colleagues, you are free to work when & where you feel good, you have clarity and focus and easily handle & prioritise all information coming your way you each day.  

But in the real world, you (and your company) struggle to create healthy habits (and a healthy structure) that you really enjoy and that give you all this energy. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have time to really connect with colleagues at work?
  • Do you feel focused? Can you handle all the information & change?
  • Do you feel free to work whenever and wherever you are productive and combine this with your passions and family? 

Corporate Wellness are a gathering of all initiatives taken by you, your colleagues and your company to achieve this ideal world in your company! 


For employers: investing in Corporate Wellness is having a guaranteed return-on-investment

What questions do companies ask us?


How can we prevent burnout? 

"Ten % of our employees are in burnout. They are our most motivated and driven professionals. How can we support them to keep an energy balance? And how can we prevent burnout by learning colleagues to find their energy  balance, stay motivated and balanced?"

How can we having lasting effects?

"Our current health initiatives only attract the employees that are already healthy (about 10%-20%) and don't last on the long term. How can we implement a sustainable approach? And how can we support our project team? They are currently organizing a lot themselves. What tools can help us to enhance communication and optimize organisation? How can we have clear reporting?"

How can we keep our employees? 

"We invest a lot in educating our new employees. However we see our best employees leaving very quick, especially our Millennials. A great salary and a couple of perks don't fulfill their needs anymore. We'd love to keep our employees. What else can we do to keep them happy at work?"

What do our customers say? 

The MoovCommunity had a participation rate of our employees of over 80% and totally amazed us. Moov-IT keeps the dynamics alive, facilitates and motivates employees to take initiative bottom-up.

Emma Braeye Talent Manager, In The Pocket

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The MoovAcademy training gives a huge boost to the team dynamics & engagement! Even participants that were hesitant at first complete the training as true believers in Corporate Wellness & healthy habits at work!  

Philip Bogaert Coördinator PLATO, VOKA Oost-Vlaanderen

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The personalized MoovAcademy Management Training was truely an authentic approach of a Corporate Wellness policy. As a company you get the chance to show who you are and visualize clearly where you want to go to.

Hilde Timmerman Organisatie ondersteuning, VDAB

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How will Moov-IT help you & your company? 


MoovCommunity: health overview in 1 app

10% of your company's employees already trying out healthy habits at work. 

Moov-IT will support them & help them organise & communicate these activities through the MoovCommunity. By automatizing the organisation & communication both your project team (who are often volunteers) and your employees save time

In the MoovCommunity you can:

  •  Gather all initiatives taken by employees
  •  Everyone can join & organise healthy activities
  •  View activities based on their own interests 
  •  Organise them per  office location & country:  every time you are in a new office or a new employee starts, they'll feel welcome straight away! 

Moov-IT & their partners can help you identify ambassadors, keep the community alive & help in organising new activities. You'll discover what your employees really want!

MoovChallenge: boost your community!

Do you organise or want to organise special health campaigns for a broad number of employees, maybe even worldwide? Examples: 

  • An awareness campaign about Nutrition, Burnout,... 
  • "warmth" month where activities fund a choosen charity
  • A  "Car Free" week promoting original ways of communiting  
  • healthy activity try-out month 
  • ...

Do you always see the same employees taking initiative?

Are you tired of using mail, flyers & doing all the work manually?

Our MoovChallenge automatizes all your work. Save time by easily  identifying ambassadors that will help you organise and communicate. Create a beautiful marketing campaign with fully automated communication, personallized with ideas & pictures of your employees. Impress your management with clear reporting on participation rate and business results. Feel proud of your job  by employees sharing great initiatives on social media. 

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MoovAcademy: Corporate Wellness Manager

Do you want to have long lasting results for your Corporate Wellness efforts? Would you love everyone in your company to keep their health top of mind so this personal growth will contribute to organisational growth? Implementation of a Corporate Wellness Manager is crucial. Moov-IT trains Corporate Wellness Managers, Ambassadors & your management teams through the MoovAcademy 

  • Best practices from top employers  are shared 
  • Personalized in-house or multi-company sessions 
  • Change your own & your company's habits already in half a day 

You'll receive a full workbook containing everything you need to easily train & motivate Corporate Wellness Managers, Ambassadors & get your management to love your initiatives and implementation!

Would you like to talk to a Corporate Wellness Expert about your specific challenge?