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Wondering how the MOOV-IT TOOL WORKS? 

MOOV-IT community

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Watch a demo of the Moov-IT tool here! 



Functionalities of the Moov-IT tool


  • Full community with an overview of upcoming & newest events
  • Only receive notifications about what's relevant to you by filtering on interests
  • Creating & sharing of 'Moovs' to see what your colleagues are doing: read more here
  • Completing or setting-up challenges: quiz about a certain health topic
  • Easy organization & communication about events / initiatives (NEW: sign-up others for your event)
  • Gamification encourages you to do more ànd different activities 
  • Notifications to see what's happening in your community 
  • Get inspired throug the campus map & discover new healthy locations or activities 


  • Easy set-up by importing an excel file with all emails who will receive automatic invitations
  • Back-end reporting & analytics for admins 
  • ROI calculation tools


How the Moov-IT tool is built up: 

  • URL/hosting: Depending on which package you chose you will either have a specific URL (= community) for your own company, or will be using the free shared community: Friends of Moov-IT (= FOM). 

  • Offices: Different offices can be selected when you're company is active in different, regions, countries or even different offices per city. When you indicate different offices during the set-up of the tool, users will be able to filter based on offices to see the clubs & events which are relevant for them. 
    E.g: Your company is present in all 3 main regions of Belgium: Wallonia - Brussels - Flanders. You have an employee who only works in Flanders & never visits any other offices, this person is only interested to see events organized in the office 'Flanders' (or any suboffices selected such as per city). If you have another employee who works in Wallonia, but often visits the Brussels office, they can select both regions to see which events are relevant for him. 

  • Clubs: Different clubs can be created as you wish.
    You can chose to have a running club - a walking club - a KUBB club - a swimming club... 
    If there are many initiatives or events organized you can divide even further by having: a start-to-run club - a 10K runners club - a half marathon runners club - a marathon runners club ... 

  • Events: Within each club you can create specific events eg a running training. Or a 10min relax moment to prevent burnout. These events can be linked to a specific region, health topic (eg sitting disease) and will be accompanied by a description and time set. All members part of the club of which the event belongs to, will be automatically notified when a new event is added. 


Curious to try it? 

Join or Friends Of Moov-It community and see what's happening there! More info on how to register here:

Or request a demo! 

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Why Moov-IT?

  • Bundle your Corporate Wellness efforts in one central spot
  • Allow easy organization & communication
  • Create awareness around specific health topics in the right target audience
  • Experience long-term effects
  • Measure, report & improve