Why we recommend attending an interactive info session over a 1-1 meeting. 

The best way to get to know our approach is to experience it yourself! As we unfortunately cannot take 3-4 hours for each in-house demo, these infosessions allow us to take our time and give an elobarate explanation of our appraoch & tools to be able to service you the fullest. 

During these infosessions in small groups we will: 

  • Experience a health challenge with our team and like-minded companies
  • Provide information about the different Corporate Wellness theme's we have available
  • Explain about our 5-step methodology based on ambassadorship & low-barrier initiatives reached by co-creation
  • Give you insights in the Moov-IT tool and its functionalities 
  • Inform you about our different packages & services with the ability to sign up for a 'crowdfunding challenge'. 

Next up sessions Belgium

- 8th of January: 17-20h, Octrooiplein 1, 9000 Ghent