"Belgium Anti-Burnout Challenge 2018"

10% of your employees are prone to burnout

Will you be part of the companies preventing it? 


What is Burnout? 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg"Technology has caused an enormous increase in speed in the society we live in. This speed can create an overload of stimuli that need time to be processed by the brain. Many of your best employees are very loyal, hardworking and perfectionistic. This can cause them to not feel their bodies’ guidance system. In the end, the body shuts down to obligate them to rest and let go of the accumulated stimuli, stress and exhaustion of the body"




Why an Anti-Burnout challenge?

"Did you know you are more creative and productive if start your day with a 15-minute morning routine? During a 3-month “challenge”, your employees will be invited to learn about Energy Balancing, stimuli, thoughts, emotions and tensions. They will test themselves with digital 5-minute quizzes and will learn and share simple habits to prevent Burnout.  Your companies’ ambassadors will facilitate activities to learn healthy habits and a positive vibe will swing through your company! Standing & walking meetings, stretch moments, me-moments,  morning routines, meditation  are some habits that will be created.

By launching these initiatives bottom-up, employees will also meet new colleagues and have a “support group” they can rely on. Colleagues with the same interests and level that can share learnings and motivate each other to intrinsically incorporate their new habits."

By Griet Vandenhouweele, CEO of Moov-IT

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What is the Anti-Burnout Challenge?

A Moov-IT challenge is a 3-6 month marketing campaign in which:

  • Two employees in your company will receive a full day Corporate Wellness Training
  • You receive all templates to create management buy-in and cocreate with ambassadors
  • You will receive all digital tools you need for a 3-month challenge 
  • You will receive 4 levels containing information, quizzes, self tests & ideas for new habits of Burnout-Prevention
  • You will receive 4 skype sessions supporting your challenge
  • You will have lots of marketing materials or "Moovs" that can be used for employer branding


What companies can subscribe for the Anti-Burnout Challenge?

  • Your company has >250 employees
  • Your company works in one of these sectors: Tech, Finance, Government, Education, Consulting, Retail (if you work in another sector, drops us a mail at hello@moov-it.eu, we'll see what we can do)
  • Ideally: Your company has an "open" corporate culture meaning you give trust and freedom to your employees by letting them work whenever (no badging) wherever (remote working) 
  • Optional: You are already offering healthy initiatives at work (yoga classes, mindfullness, sports clubs, afterwork gatherings,...)  


2018 Belgium MoovChallenge Anti-Burnout from Griet Vandenhouweele

 How can I subscribe? 

  • Subscriptions are open until 30th of November 
  • In the Moov-IT Shop you can buy the Anti-Burnout Challenge for Belgium here: Get your spot now!

What is the timing for the  Anti-Burnout Challenge? 

Timings Belgium.png


What does the Anti-Burnout Challenge cost? 

Moov-IT creates personalized anti-burnout challenges starting from a budget of 50.000 EUR. 

To be able to offer the same services to more and smaller companies, we have now started group campaigns in a number of countries. We open a challenge and you can subscibe to be part of the 5 companies joining the group challenge. We also call this the "Do-It-Yourself-offer" because in this campaign your corporate wellness manager will receive full training by the Moov-IT team and learn all the skills during the campaign. The training is in group, Moov-IT supports your Corporate Wellness Manager in 1 cocreation session and there will be follow-up meetings with Moov-IT coaches. You can subscribe for a group campaign by signing up here. You will also receive lots of content that can be used for marketing purposes, many of our clients use marketing sponsorship budget for this project.

We would love to have you part of our Challenge.

Would you like to meet us or get more information?

Do you have any other questions or would you like to meet the team? 
We are doing an information sessions on the 29/11/2017.

Mail to hello@moov-it.eu to get your invitation! 



The Moov-IT Belgium Team! 

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Why an "Anti-Burnout" challenge?

  • Prevent burnout
  • Lasting habits
  • Engage Millennials
  • Create community
  • Worldwide expertise 
  • Fully digitalized
  • Gamification
  • Share best practices
  • Small budget 

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