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Looking for a new job?



  • I created my dream job, a job that did not exist 3 years ago
  • I created a lifestyle of freedom, I'm working from all over the world
  • I feel a deep purpose. The same purpose we all have. Creating a more 'human' world with connection.
  • I am looking worldwide for high potentials that share this purpose
  • We have created A NEW JOB for these 'new-job-seekers'
  • Curious? Keep going
  • Love, Griet



What's on YOUR mind lately?

  • Wondering what makes you happy?
  • Thinking about what your purpose is in life?
  • Feeling a deep need to make an impact in the world?
  • Are or were you working in the corporate world and do you want a change?
  • Is your body asking for more movement?
  • Is your mind asking for more calm?
  • Would you like to set your bounderies to have a healthy work-life balance?



What's YOUR next step?

  • Trying to find a new  job?
  • Going traveling for a year?
  • Going to coaching sessions to find your purpose?
  • Trying to combine work and travel?

2017_01 Team Building!.png


We have created a JOB for you, a job that can be done IN the company you are working in!




Is this the right job for YOU?

  • You feel bored out or close to a burnout
  • Maybe you love your job, but it's really analytical and rational  e.g IT, Finance, Law...
  • You feel like you would like to change something but aren't sure what or how?
  • You have lots of ideas but currently you're not listened to.
  • You connect easily with people and know a lot of colleagues within other departments?
  • You love listening to colleagues, connecting and bringing a smile to their face?
  • You have great connection or are part of the management team but can't seem to get that promotion or acknowledgement you'd like to have

If you answered YES to most or some of these questions, then we would ask you to imagine how it would feel like to create this  new job for yourself.


What would this new job look like you ask?

  • One day a week doing something completely different 
  • Helping your colleagues create a deeper connection and lasting habits
  • Create a 'fun' environment in your workspace by organising activities your colleagues
  • Working closely with your CEO to shape your company towards more freedom and trust


One day per week, so what exactly do I do?

  • You start by going to your CEO, convincing him your company needs a change
  • You create a 1-year action plan
  • You get colleagues to join YOUR project team
  • And you launch a marketing campaign on 'Raising Energy' in your company


 CEO, marketing campaign?? How do I do all of that?

  • Here's where we come in, we have already done this new job in multiple companies
  • It's awesome!
  • We packed everything we learned into 24 modules
  • We'll take you through it step by step
  • Oh...and you won't be alone
  • You'll have a buddy in another company
  • And access to a community with 24 others creating this new job all over the world


24 modules?

  • Yep.

Starting with Module 1:

  • We all start together in April 2018
  • You'll meet with Griet, she's done this job for years
  • She'll boost your confidence and give you personalised tips and tricks to make this job work for you
  • Then you'll receive the first module 'Convincing your ceo'
  • You get a video training and a presentation you can use 
  • You'll get digital tools to help convince your CEO
  • We'll give you everything you need to prepare for this 'spontaneous job application'!
  • You'll have a buddy in another company sharing how they did it
  • You'll have a community of 24 other 'new job creators' that will share what they learned
  • You'll have the Moov-IT team fully supporting you with everything they've learned in getting meetings and having awesome conversations with over 30 CEO's the past years
  • You'll GET this job.
  • You'll celebrate it with champagne or a green smoothie and share it with other 'new job creators' in the community :-)

FullSizeRender 87.jpg


So after this meeting with your CEO and getting this job?

You'll get access to the second module: 'Working in high energy'

  • Two weeks later, you'll receive the next module
  • Another inspiring video training, you'll FEEL the vibes and EXCITEMENT entering your body
  • Hands-on simple information on how you can have your ENERGY levels high!
  • Imagine how you feel when TRAVELING, on weekends...imagine that you can feel this vibrant energy all day long, every day, because you have access to this energy!
  • You'll receive tools to start raising your ENERGY
  • You'll share tips with your BUDDY
  • You'll share insights with the community of 'new job creators'



What next?

Then you are ready. To kickstart this new job. And get colleagues to enjoy this high energy!

  • For the next year you'll receive a video module and resources EVERY 2 WEEKS
  • Weekly you'll spend one day on this different but awesome job
  • Monthly you'll brainstorm with your CEO, gathering his ideas
  • You'll have your buddy with whom you meet weekly to share your evolution
  • You'll have the Moov-IT team guiding you every step of the way

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Oh.. and you love to travel right? 

  • This full-year program also includes a unique 'Inspirational Weekend' by a worldwide renown business coach
  • At the end of the program, all new 'job creators' will meet in Thailand for a one week 'Digital Nomad Retreat'. You'll be sharing your awesome year, your new job and get inspired for the next year



And after that year?

  • You'll be a certified 'Corporate Wellness Consultant'
  • Your ticket to work in every country or company you want
  • But trust us, you'll want to stay in your own company, in a beautiful environment you helped create
  • Your company might ask you to do the same in other countries


Yes.Yes.Yes. What does this cost me?

You can apply for the first module here by mailing to

Request more info

This includes

  • Getting you boosted to convince your CEO
  • Giving you all tools to create a business case  for your new job
  • Setting you up with a buddy to share knowledge
  • Giving you access to a community of 24 other 'new job creators'

You will receive the second module as an extra!


  • Learning about keeping your energy high
  • Sharing your new habit with the community via our digital tools


What does it cost my company?


  • This will cost 24.000 EUR
  • This is bought by your CEO


That is not cheap? To train me?

  • The project you will be implementing has been implemented by Moov-it Consultants for 80.000 EUR
  • We were able to scale this so you receive all learnings and templates to make it as effective as possible
  • Ask you CEO how much he is paying for consultants?
  • Ask what it costs when 1 person leaves the company? 
  • In this year you will help 200 people increase their energy levels and preventing burnout. Ask them what that's worth ;-)

What if I don't get my CEO convinced?

  • You have our guarantee you WILL
  • If not, you'll get your money back!

What after I've convinced my CEO?

  • Your finance department can pay for the full year training here: 
  • You'll get an invitation for the business training weekend and the Digital Nomad trip
  • You'll receive all 24 modules every 2 weeks
  • You are ready to go!


What is the content of the training? Meet the creator of the MoovAcademy 'Creating your new job'

Griet Vandenhouweele is the CEO of and been teaching ever since she was six years old.

2017 Vlerick-1.jpg     25446289_10155912679429402_5165599869366165342_n.jpg   FullSizeRender 3.jpg  25446401_10155913028674402_1737180414734695456_n.jpg

"I always loved teaching! I was always teaching gymnastics to kids, and later high-vibe workouts to adults. I went into the Corporate World and started training groups of up to 200 people in learning "Healthy Habits at work". I studied psychology, philosophy, buddhism, reiki and tantra and discovered the power of the "Mind"! I started adding Yoga Nidra & Gratitude Meditations in management meetings and was stunned by the results, the immediate change in dynamics and vibes. I got into teaching again!"

You can read my full resume here: 



Our digital training program is completely new in 2018 and targeted to eager to learn job creators. These references are about exciting projects we have done in companies the past years:

"The training gave a huge boost to the team dynamics & engagement! Even participants that were hesitant at first complete the training as true believers in Corporate Wellness & healthy habits at work!  Philip Bogaert"

'The personalized training was truely an authentic approach of a Corporate Wellness policy. As a company you get the chance to show who you are and visualize clearly where you want to go to.  Hilde Timmerman
Organisatie ondersteuning, VDAB"


Request more info


Become part of the community by mailing to with

  • Your name
  • Current function
  • What do you currently love in your job?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • What's your dream in 5 years?
  • Do you feel high energy?
  • Company size
  • A'vlog' filming you in your company showing 3 things you love about your company

If you are a non-for-profit or are looking for teachers for a good cause, send a mail to and we'll find a way!

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Love  & light,

The Moov-IT Team


Why a new job?

  • Something completely different one day per week
  • Guide your company to more 'freedom' and trust
  • Work closely with your CEO
  • Get full support creating your new job for 1 year
  • Be part of a worldwide community
  • Experience 'digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand'