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Who are we?

Everything started a few years ago, when Griet Vandenhouweele decided to combine her passion for entrepeneurship with her passion for a healthy lifestyle. After two years of lean research and validation within companies, Moov-IT was founded.

At this point, only two years later, Moov-IT has grown a lot!
Not only do we have a great and talented team to serve you, we also have a new and wide range of services to present to you.

Our Services

What do we do?

No workplace is more inviting than a company that values the health and happiness of it’s employees.
How would you like to play an executive role in the well-being of your co-workers? Wouldn’t you want to work for a company that has a reputation of top employer, a company that actually cares about you & not only helps you to become a professional but also a “healthy” professional?

Exactly. You came to the right team! Our expertise is based on years of research. We create unique & effective online strategies that make your company state of the art in, how we like to call it, “Corporate Wellness: creating healthy & happy workplaces.

Our philosophy

Our solutions

Moov-IT offers unique online Corporate Wellness Solutions. Are you ready to start working in a healthy workplace?

In case you have something else in mind, feel free to contact us and we create a personal and customized solution.







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 Learn more about Moov-IT as a company, get to know our team, follow the latest topics in the Corporate Wellness Industry and find personal tips & tricks on how to lead a business.