Moov-IT Corporate Health Communities

No workplace is more inviting than a company that values the health and happiness of its employees.

How would you like to play an executive role in the well-being of your co-workers, and fulfill the reputation as a top employer that cares about its people?

Exactly. Luckily you came to the right team. With our expertise based on years of research, we prevent strategies that make your company state of the art in, how we like to call it, Corporate Wellness.

2015 Corporate Wellness

Moov-IT is the first consulting agency in Europe that has the mission to encourage people at work to live a healthier life.

Creating a healthy workplace is a push and pull strategy. Pushing, by making sure the healthy option is the easiest one. Pulling, by creating bottom-up communities to ensure ongoing motivation and teamwork in the engagement of a healthy lifestyle.

Our services

How we make your organization a fun and healthy place


We gather all your health initiatives into one complete strategy.


In unique health communities represented by ambassadors, your colleagues participate in a fun and sociable atmosphere at unique activities that will make them live more consciously. Explore our activities through our web application and find the ones that fit your company the best.


With inspiring team challenges we create valuable health experiences. By having fun, people learn new habits more easily, and so they create consciously a healthier lifestyle.

Employer Branding

We develop authentic communication strategies about your company’s health culture.


Read about the experiences of our customers (Dutch version only)

happy customer

"Thank you so much for the nice collaboration! It was very professional, and the advices and positive approach are very catching!"

- Veerle Rovers, Project leader Cronos 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Wonderful initiative that made me more conscious about the amount of step I take every day. Because at the start of the challenge, that number was way too little :)"

- Participant MoovWalk Challenge 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Because of the calling I try to walk around more instead of sitting down all day. Even a little walk after lunch isn't an exception anymore. I'm also a big fan of walking while having a meeting. It's just the perfect way to survive all those boring meetings!"

- Participant MoovWalk Challenge 5/5 Stars!


We love to personalize our approach for your company. Curious? Contact us now and let's meet.

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